Who runs the pension fund

The Administering Authority

Dorset Council is the statutory administering authority for the Dorset County Pension Fund (the Fund), which is responsible for the administration of the LGPS within the geographical area of Dorset.

Pension Fund Committee

Dorset Council delegates the management of the Fund to the Pension Fund Committee. The Committee are responsible for making investment policy, overseeing how the scheme is run and monitoring performance.

Local Pension Board

The Local Pension Board oversees the management of the Fund. The Board helps ensure that the Fund is managed and administered effectively and efficiently and complies with guidance issued by government, the Pensions Regulator and the LGPS Advisory Board.

Fund Administrator

The day to day running of the Fund is delegated to the Fund Administrator who is the Executive Director (Corporate Development S151) of the Council and is responsible for implementing the decisions made by the Committee.

Supporting him are the Service Manager for Pensions, whose team administers all aspects of member records, pension benefits, employer liaison, member communications, etc. and the Service Manager for Treasury and Investments, whose team looks after the accounting and management information requirements of the Fund.



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